The Athenes Cluster exists as a discussion group since 2007. In a private, non-public communication exchange (via e-mail groups), new, current and important topics are discussed and solutions to problems are considered - far away from political attitudes and economic interests. Purely on a rational and deeply humane basis. Starting in 2021, we plan to publish our discussion ideas in the form of videos, papers and other media contributions. For this reason, a website is being created here for the first time, to be launched in 2021.


The participants of the Athenes Cluster Discussions must meet the following three conditions:



Why this? The reason is simple: An IQ of 140 and higher shows a high, rational ability to think and analyze, which is desirable for our discussions. But we are not looking for highly intelligent savants. We want to achieve that intelligent and socially competent and multifaceted people enrich the discussions of the Athenes Cluster. That’s the reason for the second and third condition.


If you are interested in joining the Athenes Cluster, please feel free to contact our board, including meaningful proofs of our three conditions:


Responsible for this website will be our German member Dr. Michael W. Driesch. You can reach him via